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Pediatric Dentistry

Our dentists are comfortable with all phases of children's dental care, including cleanings, fillings, orthodontia, crowns, and more. We have techniques specifically designed for children that establish trust and help your child accept dental treatment. Sedation may be an attractive alternative as well.

Our team will regularly evaluate your child's dental needs to provide the highest level of prevention and treatment. As your child grows, we will monitor your child's teeth for early treatment of bite or tooth alignment problems that may arise. We are committed to providing the best possible dental care for your child in a friendly, anxiety-free environment.  Call 801-610-4126

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Happy Visits

Time is available for children (and adults) who wish to learn more about the dentist and dental visits. This helps establish trust and creates a positive dental experience. It's fun and it's free! Please call us at (801) 701-9799 for more information.

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Pediatric Sedation

We want your child to have the best experience possible. For some children it is hard to understand why they have to keep their mouth open and hold very still for so long. We typically have them breathe “happy gas” (nitrous oxide) and watch a children’s movie for a few minutes to help calm and relax them. The I.V. is then placed (usually with little or no discomfort) and as they become sedated we ask the parent(s) to exit and wait in the waiting room until the work is complete. We like to have the parent(s) present when the child wakes up to comfort and reassure them. This usually goes very smoothly and helps to avoid traumatic dental experiences which may adversely affect a patient for years. As an added benefit, when they are sedated we have the ability to deliver a higher quality of care than with a patient who may be uncooperative or unhappy. In-office sedation typically is less costly than hospital or surgical center based sedation.

Exclusive Kids Club

Is your kid a Grime Fighter?

GF logoYour child's first trip to the dental office is an important milestone. We like to suggest that they come to us when their teeth start erupting. This is also a great opportunity to become comfortable with our office and our team.

We use this first appointment to give your child a fun tour of the office. This is also their chance to sign up and be part of our exclusive Grime Fighters Club!

Through this club, our young patients will wear a special 'super hero' cape and will receive a certificate and their photo commemorating their first visit. Plus whenever they come to us for their visit they will always receive a special prize celebrating their commitment to good oral health.

We want all our patients – young and young at heart – to be comfortable in our office. Our Grime Fighters Club is designed to make dentistry something to look forward to – not fear. Sign your child up today!

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