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Before and After

When Jeff came into our office, he never smiled. Born with a cleft palette and missing lateral incisors, he was always too self-conscious. Our doctors were excited for the chance to give him a new smile. Bridges were placed to replace the missing lateral incisors. The crowns and bridges make a huge difference in his smile. Today Jeff has a smile that he’s proud to share with the world!

Jeff's Smile BeforeJeff's Smile BeforeJeff's Smile AfterJeff's Smile After

We want to show what a cosmetic make-over can look like. We had a patient come to our office wanting to improve the appearance of her smile. She wanted to go from where she was, to a "Hollywood" dazzling white smile. Both upper and lower teeth were prepared for cosmetic crowns in a single appointment while she was comfortably sedated. Three weeks later she returned and her cosmetic crowns were cemented and she had the picture perfect smile she desired. Notice that not only is her smile whiter, but the crowns helped to correct some orthodontic crowding as well. Call today and see how your smile can improve.

BeforeBefore AfterAfter


This is a patient who had been given tetracycline as a child resulting in a permanent staining of her adult teeth. When mild, this condition can be improved with bleaching (although the typical horizontal bands are sometimes still visable). In her case, the best treatment was to restore her teeth with cosmetic crowns to cover the tetracycline staining. This is a before and after photo of her upper teeth before and after the cosmetic crowns. She was so pleased with the result that she has since had her lower teeth done also. She has been so pleased with the result. It is a life changing event when we change a smile like this. Tetracycline staining, tooth decay, crowding, excessive wear with resultant chipping of the edges of the teeth, discoloration, and unesthetic previous dental work are all conditions that may contribute or combine to indicate the need for cosmetic crowns. When needed, they can make a huge difference in a persons appearance, confidence and outlook on life.

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