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What people are saying about Stonehaven Dental...

Your team was really nice and very helpful even though they did not have to be. We are changing all of our dental needs to your office because of the excellent service and understanding that was shown to us.
Madeliene was up dancing around only a few hours after her fully sedated root canal… Impressive! Love the new office building!
You have the best dentist office EVER!!!! Super nice and great staff. Children's room a definite plus.
You did a great job and made me feel very comfortable. Thanks and we'll see you again.
Jordan really enjoyed it and loves brushing with his new toothbrush and paste, about 5 times a day!
Overall service is good! The people are very polite and courteous. Curtis made a very detailed explanation about my situation and Sheerstie accommodated me very well. Keep up the good work.
The staff was genuinely interested in what I had to say and treated me wonderfully. The text message I received was something new and I thought it was a great idea. Overall, I received excellent service and wouldn't change a thing.
I think that your office is so nice and I really appreciated how everyone was so kind and took the time to answer all of my questions. I was very nervous to have me wisdom teeth out and as soon as I got to the office and spoke to all the wonderful people I calmed right down. I loved my experience with Stonehaven and even though I live 3 hours away I think it’s worth the drive. So I will be back some day ... The only thing I didn't like about Stonehaven was the day I went into get my teeth out I was starving and I walked in and there was cookies!!! LOL Thanks a bunch you guys are awesome.
The staff is outstanding, the dentist is very professional. Needless to say that he saved me by coming outside of business hours to help me with my emergency situation. The prices are affordable. My husband and I are switching to your dentist clinic (before we had another dentist). THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Since the time I switched to Stonehaven Dental I think I died and gone to heaven. I am still afraid that I am going to wake up, but it keeps getting better and better. THANKS! You are awesome!
I love the service at your office. I am sure everyone does get tired and people do want to go home but your whole team is always very friendly and always has smiles on their face. I was very nervous about having my wisdom teeth out but you made it so easy, manageable and fast. Thank you!
Thank you Dr. Eric, I appreciate the free fillings, and I like the glass sink in the bathroom, Cool!
Everyone is very helpful and have always explained everything very thoroughly to me. I have recommended your office to others.
I am very pleased to be a patient at Stonehaven Dental. My experience with dentists has ranged from poor to very good; Dr. Tobler ranks with the very best. I was also pleased to meet Dr. Eric and look forward to a long relationship with your clinic. Thank you
We appreciate Audrey Milner for keeping an eye on our 3 month old and our 2 year old while the rest of our family was having our teeth cleaned. Erin was great. She got a movie going to help distract as well. It gets a bit tricky when the whole family goes in. We appreciate the hospitality.
Nice, comfortable office area. Kid friendly. Best of all; I was in and out in time to catch my bus. Otherwise, I would have had to drive to work in that terrible snow storm! Thank you.
I loved how wonderful your entire staff was. I felt very comfortable and well taken care of above and beyond my expectations. Thank you for such wonderful service.
Robbie had his wisdom teeth removed and was under sedation. He also has autism and we weren't sure how he'd react to the whole process. Thank you for taking such good care of him and making it such a positive experience. He doesn't remember anything about the actual procedure which is what we wanted. I cannot believe that such a difficult procedure went so smoothly and with no trauma. Thanks again.
I Love Dr Tobler, and have never had a bad experience. I tell everyone I know to go to you guys.
I thought everyone was very friendly. I think Stonehaven has an excellent customer service policy. I have never seen any better.
You far exceeded my expectations. I can tell that you've all put a lot of time and thought into the experience that your patients have when they visit. It was unlike any other dental visit I've ever had. I was very impressed by the atmosphere of the office, the staff, the speed of service, etc. I'll definitely recommend Stonehaven to friends and family in the future. Thanks!
Very, very friendly staff. EVERYONE said hello to us. Loved having the tour of the office. Loved having someone come in and get a movie going in the waiting room... didn't have to ask. Very nice hygiene bag; smart to give a shirt :) Felt reassured with all the newest tech stuff available. Thanks so much!
You guys are great! Curtis is especially helpful.
A great office. staff polite, courteous, prompt and honest. The best part the Dr’s ask you what you want and don’t tell you what they are going to do.
For being 34 and such a baby about the dentist, l couldn't have asked for more. I am terrified -well was terrified of the dentist and that is probably an understatement. Though the whole experience was not where I wanted to be, I am glad Dr. Bret was there. The facilities are unsurpassed and the staff incredibly friendly, understanding and helpful. Me going to the dentist was big news to my family and friends and I had nothing but Praise for Stonehaven. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
I will never go to any other dentist EVER! I told my husband if we ever move he better have the money to fly me back for appointments. The staff was incredible. The doctors are extremely nice. They were quick and thorough. I WAS terrified of the dentist, to the point where it was quite embarrassing. I was proud to say I came to my last appointment WITHOUT my husband. Thank You! I will be telling everyone I know.
I thought everyone at your office was very cordial and pleasant, and I was very pleased!
I really enjoy your staff everyone there made me feel comfortable. I told my husband the only thing you could have done was to call and check up on a patient after surgery. Sure enough the next evening I got a call. I am very satisfied.
Love You guys! Doing a great job. Thanks!
Thank you for seeing me on short notice for a bad tooth needing your care!!
All of your staff made me feel that they really cared about my needs and concerns regarding my dental challenges.
My experience was outstanding from start to end. My teeth felt cleaner than they have for years! I plan to bring my whole family to the office. Thank you so much.
As usual all were excellent. Look forward to my next visit... Not something I've ever said to a dentist before.
Thank you for the excellent care. It is refreshing to go to a dentist and not feel like you're being pressured for more and expensive procedures. Your honesty is appreciated!
I am very happy to be a patient at Stonehaven Dental. I know I'll be a lifelong patient there and enthusiastically recommend your office to my friends. Everyone I met; and there were many :-) during my appointment were friendly and very professional. I was impressed with the upscale technology offered to your patients and the comfortable environment of your office design.
Everyone was great. If my family didn't already go to Stonehaven I would certainly recommend they go!
EVERYONE in your office goes to extra lengths to make me feel welcome and comfortable! Your office is by far the best dental practice I have ever known! You are wonderful and have a wonderful staff; I tell everyone I know how great you are!
It was fantastic; Dr Nate was amazing with the shots and did a remarkable job 'going slow' so as to not scare my already shot-scared kids! We will definitely be referring!
You've pretty much exceeded all my expectations and countered some very negative experiences with my last two dentists. I think you've written the formula for success.
You have the most incredibly professional staff of any medical office I have ever been to. Unfortunately, this is sorely lacking in many offices and I appreciate the effort and resources you put into having your patients treated with respect and appreciation. Keep up the great work!
You have a beautiful state-of-the-art facility that is comfortable and pleasant to visit. Your staff is extremely friendly and helpful l have never seen such a professional, well-run medical or dental office. As a patient, I feel cared about, respected and appreciated, which unfortunately is rather rare. Thank you for your great work!
Everyone was great! I had a truly horrible experience in Virginia with a dental office that made me feel like a horrible person. I would watch Extreme makeover and want so bad to be transformed, knowing I could not afford it! Now thanks to you I am getting that transformation! Thank you!
You guys are doing an awesome job, I don't remember much from my experience but everyone was always friendly so I give you an A+
Everyone was extremely friendly and very professional. After over 25 years of being terrified to visit a dentist and finally coming to your office, I was treated very well and had a better experience than I could have imagined. I look forward to being a patient well into the future!
Curtis is awesome! Your entire staff was incredible. Thanks so much!! works best in modern browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome